POODLE BOOK - Scenes from the Life of a Glamorous Poodle: True Confessions of a Diva Dog


In the true spirit of Hollywood Confidential, Scenes from the Life of a Glamorous Poodle follows the careers of the Divas on their rise to stardom. 
Scenes depict the "final cut" of the character's transformation required to "paint" the story. 
Given the royal treatment, each Star is hand tinted with non-toxic color (with the exception of digital makeup in the photoshop trailer!) then custom sculptured to perfection. 
Grab your popcorn, silence your cell phone, and enjoy this production from Divine Diva Studio!

New York native Tony Franza has been a Master Stylist in the Hollywood hair industry for three decades. An awarded colorist, he has performed many celebrity makeovers.  Behind the camera, Tony has a keen eye for composition, color and presentation. His skills as a fine art painter give him an edge in creating dramatic graphic images. Mavi Vaselli Martine from Rome, Italy has been a grooming designer for nearly two decades. Her heightened imagination and talents stem from her background in painting, sculpture, design, as well as training horses and being part of the Olympic Dressage team. Sharing a passion for dogs, art, and beauty, they joined creative forces to form Divine Diva Studio where their mission was to bring out the diva in these divine canines. Divine Diva Studio conceptualizes truly unique designs for their "living art" models, executes them through their non-toxic coloring technique, and portrays them with enchanting images to be cherished for a lifetime.

They realized their cause was to educate mankind to recognize that you should not judge nor reject someone from what you see, as you never know what beauty lies within. This transformation lifts the confidence of the dogs and their human companions. You are no longer invisible when you are with your “Divine Diva” … no one can resist interacting with them.

Many of these dogs have a genuine story behind them. Not only are most of them rescues, they more often liberate the lives they enter having a profound healing impact.

The makeover begins with the consultation of combining ideas, design inspiration, selecting colors, while taking the models hair into consideration. Once the concept is set, Mavi executes the design through an all natural non-toxic color treatment and scissoring technique for the dogs. Tony sets the stage and lighting, producing the perfect zen ambiance for the photograph. Together they work as a team immortalizing the divas into impressive images.  It is Divine Diva’s journey to touch everyone’s lives with the beauty of these gentle creatures.

Mutually they share a goal to spread the healing dynamics of these Divas, who teach us daily to seize the present with their unconditional love.  Their “living art” will bring you joy, releasing your inner child.

This book is dedicated to the Divine Diva within us all waiting to be “unleashed!”

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